Durable :

Packaging Sao Minh was established in 2015 Ming us something: Packaging Why always cared your brand image by the brand is the most valuable asset that you have been after much difficulty on commercial building school. It is the mission of our pride.

Beautiful :

At Packaging Sao Minh, with a closed production process from conceptualization to design, print and finished stages after printing. Sao Ming proud Packaging is a manufacturer of packaging gives customers the printing products with the best quality with reasonable price. Printing services at Sao Minh vary from design stage to the finished print and on closed chain professional, modern.


Each printing products shipped at Sao minhh Packaging, are a team of company KCS meticulously careful examination of color, image, content and packaging, to ensure the output to the customer is the most flawless.


Packaging Sao Minh always welcome customers, partners at home and abroad to working relations with the motto: "The two parties mutually beneficial". With long experience and are always receiving new technology, Sao Minh would advise customers to choose the product packaging most suitable for use with reasonable prices. Packaging Sao policy always has supported prices for the customer loyalty with Packaging Sao Ming when there is volatility in the market price.
Packaging Sao MinH wishes to venture and association with all individuals, businesses and organizations in and outside the country to expand production, the development towards strong and sustainable counterparts.